Link Notud and FYI

Integrate Notud and FYI so you can send your handwritten notes to FYI

Before you get started:

To get started with the integration you'll need to:

Synchronise your contacts from either Xero Practice Manager, WorkflowMax or Xero. Notud integrates directly with your client database so you have matching clients in both FYI and Notud. This means that you only have one 'Source of truth' for your clients.
Notud FYI

Setup the integration:

You'll be taken straight to My Teams, and you will see your organisation. Select 'Integrations and Connected Apps'. Go to Integrations and Connected Apps page

Integrations and Connected Apps

Connect FYI

Click 'Connect' next to FYI.

Untitled design (7)
You will see this pop up:

Open and login to FYI. At the top of the page, go to Automation and Apps. 

FYI Automation
Select the Settings icon for Notud
Click the clipboard next to Access Key ID to copy the ID and paste in the Notud pop up window.
Access Key ID
Click Reveal Secret Key and click the clipboard to copy. Paste the Key in the Notud pop up window and click Save.

Start using!

From a note, select the menu button, and 'Send' to FYI!

Send to FYI