Remove Xero Integration (delete a Xero team)

Step on how to remove a Xero team

Step 1: Stop syncing

  1. In Teams, find the Xero Organisation and select the menu button (ellipses).
  2. Select Disconnect from Xero.

Step 2: Disconnect Xero login

  1. Go to My Account.
  2. Select the Login Providers tab.
  3. Next to Xero, select Remove.

Note: You will still see the Organisation in My Teams and be able to see notes if you wish, however it will no longer be syncing with Xero.

Step 3: Remove links in Xero

  1. In Xero, go to Organisation Settings.
  2. Select custom contact links.
  3. You will see a table with three rows of Notud link information. Click the 'x' on the right-hand side of the line and Save when they are all removed.